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«Osvita Market» — Language learning by-Skype

"OSVITA MARKET" invites you to the course of Polish language with native speaker in your chair!

  Online course is modern communicational systems with the most comfortable and effective way of learning language. The program is choosen in accordance with the needs of student. All classes are held remotely using SKYPE, which allows students to see the teacher. Classes are held by experienced teachers of Polish language schools, philologists, who have experience of teaching foreigners. The program provides the student printed material before classes.

Online course of Polish has two forms:

  • Lessons in groups, which consist of 4-5 students and are formed depending on the level knowledge and the future direction. Tuition - 100 UAN from one participant per one lesson (60 minutes). Payment for 3 month in advance.
  • Individual lessons (one to one) provide a training one student with the teacher. Tuition -  from 50 UAH per one participant per lesson (60 minutes)

  After the end of the course by Skype every student gets an official certificate, that confirms the level of language.