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SUMMER English camp in Druskininkay

Good opportunity to combine leisure and learning language.

  During 13 years English inernational camp brings together children from different countries of Europe and beyond. The camp is located in one of the most beautiful resorts of Lithuania - Druskyninkeye. Vacationers are living in sanatorium Dainava. Rooms for 3-4 chiidren with all facilities, meals-four times a day.

  Campers, where there children live, divided into groups based not only on the age, but on the level of language too. Maximum size ofgroup is 10-15 children. In the camp, each child can choose an extra class, like fitness, art, media - academy, dance clubs and more. Activities intelligently combined with English lessons. The total number of lessons per shift is 32 hours. In the camp children speak only English.

Provided tours:

  • trip to a water park in Druskyninkaye - costs 12 euros;
  • tour Druskininkaiye;
  • Hiking, canoeing down the river Nemunas;
  • trip to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius - costs 25 euros.

Age groups:

  • 10-14 years - the youngest group;
  • 15-17 years old - older group.

Dates of arrival:

  • I group 18-30 June
  • II group 2-14 July
  • III group 16-28 July

Price is 660 euro. The price includes accommodation, meals, recreational activities and English lessons.