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  First of all, education abroad is an invaluable experience, which includes acquaintance with the culture of another coutry, gaining skills and expanding horizons. It is an opportunity for everyone to realize his or her potential, learn foreign languages,​​ build a successful career in Europe or Ukraine.

  In order to get an education abroad, you need to determine the country, where you want to study and to choose educational institution. One of the essencial steps towards is the selection of direction, it's very important component because future profession should bring not only income, but also pleasure, that is the key to success.

  Our company «Osvita Market» offers support and advice at every stage, providing individual approach to each client.

  No wonder our motto is "We are creating your future" because we are not only helping to choose the right educational institution, to issue the documents, according to your characteristics and wishes, but also we build a personalized training program and determine the prospects for its continuation.

  Our main goal is to create for everybody an opportunity to get education abroad of high quality.

We provide the following services:

  • Career guidance

Can not choose a future profession? In which channel to direct your potential and get a positive result? Then you should complete testing and interviews with our highly qualified psychologists, who will undoubtedly help you to make a choice.

  • Educational consulting

  Specialists of our company will help you to realize your goals quickly and efficiently.

  1. If you aim is to go to ranking university, we will select the institution and develop a strategy for admission.
  2. Have a limited budget, then we will recommend you the country or educational institutions with cheap or even free education.
  3. Plan to learn the language of the country, where you are going to study, in this case we offer courses with native speakers in comfortable conditions, using Skype or a language camp for children abroad, where they can get active leasure and a good knowledge through linguistic environment, especially approach and rich program.
  • Deposit and booking of programs

1.For children (13 to 18)
   - Summer language school (during holidays)
   - Free secondary and technical education
2. For adults
   - Language courses
  - Preparation for admission to higher education institutions (collection and registration of all necessary documents, if it is necessary to taking tests or exams, we will provide deposit additional support ).
   - Post-graduate education.
   - Getting a second higher education.


  • Consultation on the conditions and cost of living in the selected country;
  • booking of hostels;
  • setting of an insurance program;
  • transfer, support to destination;
  • curator (for minors);
  • assistance in obtaining visas;
  • if you want to transfer from one institution to another;
  • constant information support during the first year.

  Everyone has a question: "Can I do all this yourself?". - Yes, of course, but with our help it will be much faster, easier and more effective, thanks to our experience. In addition, you can select the program that is most suitable for building a career, save time, effort and money.

  And you should always remember, that investment in knowledge and own development will bring generous dividends in the future!

For further information, please contact us by phone: +38 (063) 550-03-20, +38 (066) 538-27-00, +38 (067) 325-57-96 or e-mail: info @ osvitamarket. com, we will be happy to help you!