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equestrian DIRECTION

Place: Lublin, Krakow or Warsaw

Level of institution: lyceum

Studying period: three years

Specialty: Equestrian sports

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Description of Specialty

Unique class for children who can not imagine their lives without sport and horses. Excellent and healthy atmosphere fosters healthy mentally and physically students who can communicate with animals and people. At the end of this class, graduates entering the professions, like trainer, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, social work, professions, associated with the restoration of health. Main subjects: geography, biology. Additional subjects: gymnastics, horse riding.

Requirements: ·       

  • Finished nine forms, from 14 to 18 years of age (on 1st September)
  • Level of Polish language A1-A2·        
  • Availability of all necessary documents
  • Parent’s consent
  • Abidance of rules of behavior in school 


  • Room for 3-4 persons, there are table, wardrobe and stands here
  • Bathroom and shower for every room
  •  Rooms for leisure and learning
  •  Canteens
  • Library
  • TV set, the Internet ( in common rooms)
  • Cultural, sport lessons, preparation for different competitions

Additional costs 

Although education in Polish lyceums and technical colleges is free for Ukrainians, parents should know about additional costs, related with studying. The most important of them are:      

  • Spending on books – in Poland children use schoolbooks, which are their own. The list of necessary schoolbooks is established by director. It costs from 200 to 600 PLN per year. It is possible to buy cheap books that were used.
  •  Spending on purchase of school details, such as exercise books, pens, pencils and so on (several zloty).
  • Fees for room and board 200-300 PLN per month
  • Fee for insurance - every child should be insured. It is the national insurance. It is insurance for all students, the cost does not exceed 50 PLN per month. Remember that the child has a guaranteed insurance protection, not only while he or she is in school, but for 24 hours a day. Some schools require insurance from the consequences of accidents, costs 50 PLN for a year. Warning: this is not health insurance, which gives the right to enjoy free medical services. This insurance entitles you to pay a certain amount of compensation in case of an accident in school or outside

The package of documents for admission: 

1. Copy of applicant`s passport.

2. Copy of birth certificate of the applicant.

3. Copy of your parents` passport.

4. Copies of report cards for grades 8 and 9 forms.

5. Certificate of completion of 9 years of application.

6. 086 Medical certificate, proof of vaccinations.

7. 4 photos, size 3,5 х 4,5 cm.

8. Entrant profile.

9. Notarized consent from parents to study in Poland.

10. The power of attorney to cross the border to employees «Osvita market».

11.  Power of Attorney for curator.