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«Osvita Market» — International-education

Main goal of getting secondary education abroad is to entry international institutions and receive higher education of Europen level.

  It is necessary to end international school  with teaching program  International Baccalaureate for admission to the prestigious, world ranking universities such as, for example: Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.
  International Baccalaureate or  IB program is the equivalent of secondary education, but with much more hard preparation in some dicsiplines and it aims to develop the intellectual and personal qualities, emotional stability and social skills for a successful life.
  International Baccalaureate is not just an educational program. Long way earned an impeccable reputation of  IB is appreciated all over the world for absolute quality, high standards and qualified teaching staff. This program support students from all over the world, to make from them active and fair members of society who are willing to understand and adopt opinions of other people in an international  surrounding.

Benefits of secondary education in international school with IB program:

  • Guaranteed entry to foreign universities.
  • Perfect knowledge of a foreign languages.
  • Fundamental knowledge of academic disciplines.
  • Full development of creative abilities.
  • The independence of thoughts and making decisions.
  • Expanding horizons.
  • Improving skills of adaptation in new circumstances.
  • Improving of communicational skills  - communication with classmates from other countries.

  The purpose of the program is to get prestigious International diploma. Successful completion of the program allows students to study in the best universities of the world.
  Good education, training and experience, in general, can help to overcome difficulties and to find right place in the new society. Professionals are  always required everywhere and in any conditions.