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«Osvita Market» — University transfers

  If you are interested in studying abroad, but at the moment is a student of one of the Ukrainian universities, today you have the opportunity to transfer to a Polish university. The first step is to choose the right school. Transition can be of the same profession that you learned in Ukraine or a similar.

  You will need to provide an extract about the scores from the University, where you learn according to the Bologna system, a certificate with an apostille and nostrification of completion of the secondary school, a medical certificate form 086-y, 6 photos, copies of passport pages.
Depending on the progress of students and the number of similar objects, the University where you are planning to transfer, set the course for how you can be enrolled. Question about the academic difference is relevant, but not all universities require its surrender. It can be taken during the school year, but not before the beginning of the school year.

  It should be noted there is the possibility to transfer from one to another Polish university. This process will require almost the same order as the documents and procedures in translation from Ukrainian university. At the same time, there are universities that require passing an entrance exam.