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  Тoday Slovakia is a prestigious European country. Being "in the shadow" of industrial Czech and prosperous "European old-timers" Austria, Slovaks, however, do not feel overwhelmed. Slovak Republic in terms of democracy and market economy in assessing of the independent German agency Bertelsmann took the 7th place among the 125 countries, that are transforming, evolving and changing. The current welfare of "European prude" Slovakia is the result of fifteen years of quiet market reforms. The Republic has excellent prospects for economic development - in recent years it shows intensive GDP growth, foreign investors actively invest in its market. According to forecasts of European experts, the economic growth of Slovakia in the coming years will be the fastest among the European Union (source: World Economic Outlook).

  Today Slovakia has significant advantages to other EU countries concerning the European diploma education. Slovakia became a sort of Mecca of European education for Ukrainian students in the EU. In many very important conditions for life Slovakia are now beginning to outpace its closest neighbors Poland and the Czech Republic. Today in the EU there is no other country, where living conditions and education of students among the former post-Soviet space would be so comfortable and affordable. Slovak public universities willingly open their doors not only to foreign students with a certificate of secondary education, but also offer smart learning opportunities for young professionals with local bachelor's degree, master's or specialist.

 KEY BENEFIT OF EDUCATION IN SLOVAKIA is free education in public universities


  You must first complete the courses accredited by the Ministry of Education of Slovakia and obtain a certificate of state standard of knowledge of the Slovak language to  enter the Slovak State University. Most of the exams are computer tests. Each test is a set of questions (60 to 120) with 3-4 possible answers. It is necessary only for a limited period of time (40-60 minutes) to place a tick in front of the correct answers.

  Usually 2 months before the exams each department publishes books in exam subjects with a list of questions, which will be in tests. Some Slovak faculties of public universities for foreign students prescribe additional oral interview during which determine the level of knowledge of the Slovak language and some (most) require state sample certificate of completion of the preparatory language courses accredited by the Ministry of Education of Slovakia.

Annual Courses of Slovak language - SLOVAK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

  The annual course of  Slovak language includes 600 hours and is designed for students with zero level of language. We thought about every detail, which will help you to learn how to read, write and communicate in Slovak, so that you feel comfortable living in Slovakia. The course is based on practical lessons, that includes disassembly of life situations, and this allows faster and better understand the language.

  After completing the course, students reach level B2 / C1, that is fluent. But it all depends how seriously you will treat classes. Also, after completing the course you receive a Certificate of Knowledge of Slovak language, which is the basic requirement for foreign students in the process of admission to higher education institutions in Slovakia.

  The course is developed by professional teachers of the International School of Slovakia together with teachers from different faculties of Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica.

  Slovak International School / SIS / opens up to you the possibility of entering to the philosophical, educational, economic departments and such faculties like international relations and Natural Sciences etc.

  As for the Faculty of  International Relations positive aspect is the fact that the department is actively conducting international cooperation with universities in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as with universities in France, which make learning more qualified and interesting and diploma, that you obtain after these universities, valid throughout the European Union. Another very attractive fact is that you may study in French, English and Slovak languages, after which the student receives a so-called "double diploma" / "double degree" / together with the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin - en-Yvelines.

  The price of language course is 2800 euros. The same price is for those, who wishing to learn in Slovak, English and French. Price also includes all the necessary teaching materials during the language course. We also offer you six months course of Slovak language (01.02.2016 - 17.06.2016) under the same conditions. Price is 1900 euros.

Additional services that are paid by the student, are:

  • The registration of an application form for admission in Slovak universities (varies from 50 to 80 euros, depending on the faculty).
  • The visa fee is paid In Ukraine, the visa fee is 35 Euro. Express delivery of documents is available for additional fee.
  • Fee for a residence permit card is 4.5 euros and is paid by person when he or she is applying.
  • Help with the necessary medical examination after obtaining a residence permit. The cost of the medical examination is 170 Euros. Each student should give the results in the migration police department after obtaining a residence permit and after medical examination during 30 days.
  • The translation costs 20 EUR per page.

Additional services for a fee:

- Transfer

- hostel (apartments, rooms)

Documents required for applying for a student visa at the Consulate of the Slovak Republic:

1. An official invitation from the educational center (we send you).

2. Passport.

3. Photocopies of passport (main page and pages of Schengen visas in the past 3 years).

4. The current civilian passport.

5. Photocopies of your passport (all pages with the marks).

6. Two color photographs 3x4,5 cm.

7. Bank certificate of availability of funds in the personal account (minimum 2500 Euros).

8. A completed application form to the consulate - form can be at Website

9. Medical insurance for the entire duration of the language course.

10. Copy of health insurance.

11. The documents, which indicate the transportation (train ticket, plane, if available)


  Osvita Market Administration is not responsible for the refusal of a visa from Consulate of the Slovak Republic on the basis of providing the false or erroneous data by an applicant.

 For more information about the courses of Slovak language, please contact the manager by phone: +380635500320, +380665382700, +380673255796 or ask questions at: